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Sunday Supervision Group – Radical Acceptance and the Limits of Therapy

June 16 @ 1:00 pm 2:30 pm EDT

Sunday Learning Group

1pm on zoom

Structured meetings with a learning topic and optional readings related to the core elements of mindfulness-based somatic trauma therapy.

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Topic: Radical Acceptance and the Limits of Therapy

There are basic features of human existence which we cannot avoid, which we have no absolute answers. They are surrounded with the quality of exhilaration and dread, awe and anxiety. They are questions we are confronted with everyday and have had to negotiate, yet avoid directly looking at – in fact, find it difficult to look directly at.

This month we will explore the intersections of radical acceptance, compassion, and creative hopelessness regarding existential concerns. We will join our clients in the pursuit of “a life worth living that has this pain in it”

Some questions to contemplate in advance of the meeting might be:

  • Do I feel like I’m trying too hard with some people? Or not hard enough?
  • How do I feel in my body with clients who express hopelessness?
  • How do I respond when clients ask “what’s the point?”
  • How do I think about the role of therapy when clients are suffering unjust circumstances out of their control?
  • What are the areas I feel intimidated to ask clients about?
  • Do I talk about faith or spirituality with my clients?
This content is for supervision groups subscription members only.
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Group Agreements

  • Punctuality: We will arrive on time
  • Client Confidentiality: We will use non-identifying information about our clients
    at all times
  • Group Confidentiality: To help our meetings be a safe place to reflect on our
    feelings, mistakes and doubts, all information shared in the group is confidential
  • Shared Time: We will strive to ensure all members of the group have opportunity
    to speak, including by aiming to be concise in our own consultations
  • Considerate Feedback: We will consider what feedback a consulting member
    is asking for, prioritize supportive open questions and avoid unsolicited advice
  • Respect: We will treat one another and the clients we discuss with respect:
    honoring difference, diverse identities and experiences; considering strengths
    and resilience; practicing self-reflection.

Participation Guidelines

Register for one supervision group per month, in order to leave room for all members to participate. You are welcome to join a 2nd group if it is within one week of a supervision group and that group is not yet full, or if in the previous month you were unable to attend any groups

Cancel your registration as soon as you know you will be unable to attend, so that another group member may join. Repeated no-shows may lead to being asked to leave the group.

Arrive prepared for group and participate in the discussion. There are no stupid questions and diverse perspectives are welcome. Repeated attendance without participation may lead to being asked to leave the group.